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About Us

We are a small auto parts company located in San Antonio Texas and We specialize in clock springs. We have over a decade of experience in automotive clock springs.

We handle and inspect every order ourselves before it leaves our climate controlled office NOT a warehouse. In a warehouse your order is just a number on a ticket. In our office it is a YOUR NAME and address on the ticket, because of this your clock spring gets personally inspected and handled by an "experienced clock spring tech" not a "warehouse stocker" before shipping. We physically stock every clock spring HERE ON SITE. Not in a warehouse 6 states away from us. 99% of auto part website orders are drop shipped and fulfilled by the same 3rd party distribution warehouse that supplies 99% of all auto part websites.

wholesale distributors do not offer expedited or express shipping services, which is why 99% of auto part websites do not offer it. They do not inspect, touch, handle, or even SEE the parts they send out... EVER. That is a little known secret of the online automotive industry. Every order placed on our website is stored, handled, inspected, and back tested OURSELVES. Which is also why we are able to offer SAME DAY shipping and every shipping speed offered by all carriers. We fully inspect all parts before they leave our office. This consists of pulling the center retaining clip, rotating all clock springs to full extension and then electronically testing for defective or compromised units. The clock spring is then rotated to exact center ourselves (believe it or not we've found that 10% of clock springs are not centered like they are supposed to be straight from the factory!). We hope we can help solve your issue with as little friction as possible! If you have any questions at all please feel free to call us @ (210) 530-1209 or email us at, it is our mission to serve you!

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