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How To Replace A Clock Spring | For: 2010-2015 Nissan Titan

Installation details can vary depending on your model.

STEP 1. Disconnect the battery.
Disconnect battery and wait at least 10 minutes for the airbag system capacitor to discharge to prevent accidental airbag deployment.


STEP 2. Center New Clock Spring:
 Ensure the new clock spring is centered correctly. Most new clock springs include a manufacturer pin to prevent excessive rotation during shipment but it DOES NOT keep the clock spring centered! THIS STEP IS VERY IMPORTANT! You must VERIFY that your clock spring is centered by hand. A great way to find this information is by typing your vehicle year and model followed by the phrase "how to center clock spring" into a search engine.
(if you purchased one of our clock springs this step can be skipped since it will be pre-centered with a magnetic encoder and locked with a security lock tag. example below)



STEP 3. Steering Wheel Position:
 Ensure the steering wheel is straight and the wheels are pointing straight ahead before you start. This alignment is crucial for the proper positioning of the new clock spring.


STEP 4. Airbag Removal:
 Carefully remove the airbag module from the steering wheel. This usually involves loosening retaining bolts or clips from the backside of the steering wheel. Handle the airbag with care and store it in a safe place, facing up.


STEP 5. Steering Wheel Removal:
  Loosen the nut holding the steering wheel. Use a steering wheel puller if necessary. Do not force the steering wheel off; this could damage the column or the existing clock spring.


STEP 6. Clock Spring Removal:
 Disconnect the electrical connectors, then carefully remove the old clock spring. Note how it is positioned and secured, as the new one should be installed identically.


STEP 7. Remove your angle sensor:
 Remove the angle sensor from the back of your old clock spring and mount it on to your new clock spring. (Please view photo below.)
STEP 9. Install New Clock Spring:
 Carefully align and install the new clock spring. Make sure it seats properly and that all the wiring is correctly connected and not pinched.


STEP 10. Reassemble:
Reattach the steering wheel, ensuring it's correctly aligned with the wheels. Then, reinstall the airbag module and reconnect all the electrical connectors.


STEP 11. Final Checks:
 Once everything is reassembled, reconnect the battery, and turn the ignition to the ON position without starting the engine. Check for any warning lights and ensure that the horn and steering wheel controls operate correctly.


STEP 12. Error Codes:
 Use an OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) scanner to check for any error codes that might indicate an issue with the installation. Clear any codes and ensure the airbag light is not illuminated. (You may have to run your vehicle through its relearning process)
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